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  • Can I pick my own pictures?
    Yes! You can pick your own pictures or make favorite selections. However, this will take a lot of time on your end to decide which pictures to use. Why not save time and let us do the work for you? We will make sure any photos you set as your favorites are included in the album.
  • How many pictures will you select?
    We select on average between 3-6 per spread. However, if there are pictures that we abolutely think are must halfs we will add more with out jeporadizing quality of album unless specified by customer.
  • Can I review the photo you select?
    Yes, this is on request basis only. The consultation will allow us an opportunity to obrain any photos that we should avoid.
  • Will Treasured Image help in album selection process?
    Absolutely! Contact us via chat, email, or phone and we will assist you in the album selection process.
  • When do I load pictures?
    Images can be loaded once purchase has been made.
  • How do I load pictures?
    Images can be loaded on the confirmation screen via dropbox. On the confirmation screen there will be a section for you to load your images which can also be loaded at a later time?
  • Do you accept non- professional quality pictures?
    No, we do not except pictures that are not taken by a professional photographer. We believe a higher quality picture helps display a quality album.
  • What makes photobook product unique?
    Photobooks are by far the most economical option in our product selection and still provides an acceptable level of quality.
  • What makes Classic Albums unique?
    Album to gives you flexibility with price and a few cover options without forfeiting quality. Cover options not as diverse as the LUXE collection.
  • What makes the LUXE Collection unique?
    LUXE Collection is the best of the best in the industry and has superior quality. It's high end album type, look and feel, with its various cover options and luxurious material or fabric options.
  • Can I skip the consultation?
    Yes! This is a part of our service that we like to offer which is completely optional. IT helps learn more about your lieks and dislikes and your story.
  • What are Treasured Image photo favorites?
    Our top 2 favorites: 1 ) PhotoJournalist Candid shoots. We believe best shots are those where you are not posing for the camera. 2) Details. Details. Details. Details can add so much character to a photo album and are needed.
  • Are there multiple designers working on my album?
    No! Because everyone's eye for design may be different we require that the same designers see each customers product through completion.
  • What is Treasured Image's Prefered Design style?
    We like to use the clean modern look at feel witha white background. The white space adds a cleaner look and believe is key to any design or physical document or book.
  • What is the most popular spread count?
    It depends on personal preference but to get the true flush mounted, thick page look, we recommend 20 spreads or less. Flush mount is not for those clients who love all their and want to make sure as many pictures are in the album as possible.
  • Is 100% payment required up front?
    Yes, payment is required to start the design process.
  • What is the turnaround time for an album?
    Total turn around time to ship is about 4-5 weeks. Even though design for an album is 3-5 days for first draft review the time between first review and final approval is up to client and how long they take to review the album and how many revisions are required.
  • How long will it take to arrive to me?
    We use an estimate of a 5 business day delivery schedule
  • Can I change my the modern background color?
    Yes, you can change the background color to black but we strongly believe white provides a clean look.
  • What is the layered design style?
    The layered design style places an image normally a detail image (i.g flowers, jewlery, cake, rings, etc) in the background while the true layout is designed on top of that image.
  • Can you create a custom layout?
    Yes! We create custom layouts based on customer style and preferences. We learn this through our consultations.
  • Are panaormic spreads utlized?
    Yes, we love panaormic spreads! However, too many may take away from displaying other images.
  • Is there a split in the albums?
    No, Treasured Image's offerings focus on panamoric layfat albums without the split in the middle. We believe this provides a cleaner look.
  • What type of photographers is Treasured Image looking to partner with?
    Looking for photographers who believe in getting the shot right the first time vs editing. These photographers have high quality shots, are attentive to details, some of the best in the industry, and have magazine worthy shots.
  • Why partner with Treasured Image?
    Under your direction, we will add revenue your bottom line expanding your product offerings while you focus on doing what you love, staying behind the camera.
  • What's in it for me as a Partner?
    Mainly your Time! You also receive 10% commission on products sold through your referral.
  • How does Treasured Image's OEM / Rebranding offer work?
    We can re-brand our product by placing your logo within the album. This process is a common practice, called Original Equiment Manufacturing, in the manufacturing industry (i.e washing machines may be produced by another part but a rebranded with a major companies logo)). But making it applicable to the photography industry. Pricing varies. Please contact us for a quote.
  • What is the difference between photobook and album?
    Photobook is a more economical way to display your images but not as high of a quality than photo albums. Photobooks have far less options than albums and album can be flush mounted to provide a luxiourous look and feel.
  • How do I place an order?
    To place and order follow these simple steps: Go to the Store Select the album you would like to purchase Select album options Click order
  • How long do the albums last?
    Albums are expectated for 200 years, generations upon generations.
  • Will you keep my pictures after service?
    We will keep your photos up to 3 months after your service just in case you decide you would like another album or not. After the 3 month period your photos will be delete from our server.
  • Are you a photographer?
    No, we are not a photographer. We take your professional images taken by a photographer and tell your story through the photos.
  • What are most popular albums?
    Most poplar albums are the Luxe Collection due to its numerous cover selections.
  • What is the step by step process from order to receipt of album?
    The overall process is as follows: 1. Select album- ( customer) 2. Make Purchase (customer) 3. Upload pictures (customer) 4. Schedule time with designer (customer- optional) 5. Host call with customer (Treasured Image Designer) 6. Select Pictures (Treasured Image Designer) 7. Design Album (Treasured Image Designer) 8. Send Proof to customer for approval (Treasured Image Designer) 9. Approve or Rejects all or certain spreads (customer) 10. Revision process begins ( repeat 7-9) (Treasured Image Designer) 11. Verify Final Approval ( Treasure Image Designer) 12. Manufacture Album (Treasured Image Artisan) 13. Ship Album (Treasured Image Shipper) 14 Receive Album (customer)
  • What makes Treasured Image unique?
    Treasured Image offerings album or photobook options that set at different price points to work within any budget. We can customize something that works best for the customers pockets and for style. We can cater to those who want a more economical option or to those who want the best the industry has to offer.
  • What is the difference between Album 2 & Luxe Album?
    Album 2 provides is known for layflat albums but also have flush mount options with fewer options. Luxe album is a collection for those that want an album above the reset. The Luxe album is known for its flush mounted albums but also has layflat pages with far more options than Album 2 with a more luxiours feel.
  • Why make the investment in a picture album?
    Albums are like your personalized storybooks providing a complete view of your special day or event from beginning to end. After your wedding or child turns 2 all you have are your pictures and memories, an album provides you with a tangible and displayable keepsake where you can relive the full story over and over it again and it can be passed from generation to generation.
  • Found a cheaper price from a competitor?
    Some of our offerings (i.e photo selection, consultation, unlimited revisions, personalized service, cover selection, etc) allow us to sell at a different price point. However, to gain or retain your business contact us and we will find an option that will work within your price point. If it is the exact type of album we will match the price of the competitor.
  • Are there any offerings under $250?
    We do not currently have any offerings under $250; however, we will be more than happy to identify what we can do within your price point. Please contact us for more information.
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