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Packaging is apart of your customer experience. Finalize your customer experience with our new Video Treasures. Present your products, gifts, or branded collateral in a Treasure Box and/or Treasure Book that will allow you to fully express your brand and offerings to your clients with an accompanying tangible video display. Add the cherry on top of your existing offerings that is guaranteed to WOW the receiver who will never look at packaging the same. 



Promote your hidden treasures in a TreasureBox – an all in one box that allows you to tell your story and/or a story you have captured in one box. Known for its 7" video display and item storage this box can hold a photo album, USB drives, images, marketing trinkets, and more. For one price your box can be fully customized in size, style, imprint text, color and design.  




With a 7” LCD screen display and custom imprint and color design options, TreasureBook – a lightweight video brochure that tells your story or your client’s story with one-page turn – offers a simplified way to advertise your brand and your work in one swoop. Adding a personal yet digital touch display a promotional video, special event film, slideshow, without the use of a cell phone or computer.

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