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Whether you are ordering a photo book or album to record your wedding, family, travel, anniversary, baby, birthday, graduation, maternity, Treasured Image gives you the flexibility to simplify your order with a click of a button with no intervention with the designer or consulting with the designer. We can get you started in 4 simple steps.

Choose the album or photobook that best meets your desires. We are here to assist if you need help


Choose your Album or Photobook

Place your order for your desired album and list preferences in comment section


Order & List Preferences

Choose Your Album and/or Book



Tell us your story and consult with us on your album desires so that we can make your ideal album come to life

Tell Us Your Story


Upload photos & specify key images and persons you would like to include in the album


Upload your Photos

Upload Your Photos

More Details....


Step 1: Choosing your album

Choose the album and additional features that work best within your style, budget and meets your desires. If you are uncertain which option to select or would like a custom order, please give us a call, or send us an email.

Step 2: Order & Preferences

Once you have chosen the album you would like to order, you can proceed to the product list, find the album, select it, and add to your cart. Before submitting payment, In the comment/preference section, please include any desired photos you want in the album or photobook and also include photo file numbers of any individuals you want to make sure are in the album(i.e., 780- mother).

Step 3: Upload Photos & Photo Selection

 All albums can be designed with as many as 3-6 photos on each spread but can include more based on your preferences. We do not limit the number of photos you would like to use; however, for the clean, modern look and feel we like to provide our clients we may recommend using fewer images.  Choosing a select few photos out of the massive amount of pictures that a photographer has provided you may be time consuming and very cumbersome. So, let us do the work for you. We will select the photos for you and include those in the design.

Step 4: Tell us your story

Once you have sent us your photos, you will be able to set up a time with us so that you can tell us your story in order for us to outline your storyboard, and make your ideal album come to life. The free consultation is an added value and is not required as long as your preferences, and your special photos are listed when you place your order. Most of our clients like to take advantage of this offering so that they can communicate the vision and also let us know whom the special people photographed and parts about their day or event.

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