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Our Luxe Collection are the most luxurious and professional quality flush mounted photo albums. The Lay Flat Album  pages are printed on Fuji lustre, Fuji deep matte or Kodak metallic silver halide photographic paper, and combined with custom craftmanship and handmade details for a forward fashion look.


The Luxe cut out offering within the Luxe Collection adds interest to fabric covered material offering by incorporating one or multiple cameo image(s). A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. This product is ideal for single tones and non-leather options


  • Cut-outs available with all materials
  • Cut out Pressed in about 1/32 of an inch
  • Album sizes 8x8 and up
  • Cut out size  3x3 and up to 10 x4
  • Vertical and horizontal openings
  • Thick pages are approximately the width of a penny, while thin pages are approximately the width of a dime.
  • Albums with thin pages contain a minimum of 10 spreads and as many as 50 spreads (20 to 100 sides).
  • Albums with thick pages contain a minimum of 10 spreads and as many as 25 spreads (20 to 50 sides)





LUXE- Cut-Out

  • Luxurious Cover with a Cover opening. Inverse Sizes available please document in Comment section. More album sizes and materials are available, contact us.


    Page Thickness-

    Medium Pages: Min= 10 spreads/20  pages; Max= 45  spreads/90 pages; white page sides, square corners

    Thick Pages: Min= 10 spreads/20 pages; Max= 30 spreads/60 pages; black page sides, rounded corners


    Imprintable Materials-  The Jazz Collection, The basics, Tricycle Alley, Happy Cow, Urban Legends, Saturday Night Special


    Imprinting Fonts

    • Coronation (24 pt. 36 pt.)
    • Fournier (18 pt. 24 pt.)
    • Goudy Cursive (36 pt.)
    • Modern (30 pt. 48 pt.)
    • Pascal (36 pt.)
    • Choice of color foils or blind
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